Facts about Ben

Ben Mollin was born November 29, 1974 on the South Side of Chicago. Raised with teacher, musicians and theater performers for parents Ben recognized his passion for the arts early in his life.

A born entertainer, Ben picked up a saxophone at age 8. With the support of his family he began Jazz lessons at age 10 and was privately taught by Tenor sax player Kent Lemon. His passion for beauty began around that time as he was intrigued by Vidal Sassoon commercials of the early ‘80’s. At age 14, Ben gave his first permanent wave to a classmate and the rest is history.

Immediately going to study cosmetology after high school, Ben has always pursued his passion for music, learning how to play 10 different instruments. "Hair was always something which allowed me to work in three dimension and allowed me to develop an understanding of anatomy" he recalls. At 21, he owned and operated his first salon and has been a gypsy of sorts playing in different bands and working on photo shoots, movies and runways along the way.

Claim to fame

In 2007, the debut of "Shear Genius," Bravo - TV's reality competition for hairdressers, one of the genuine surprises was Ben Mollin. The tattooed, music-loving stylist was eccentric and humble. Exhibiting an eagerness to learn and a passion for his craft, Sally Hershberger and Vidal Sassoon commended Ben for his raw talent and his growth over the course of the competition. And grow he did, right into the number two spot, taking second place and outdistancing the thousands of other stylists who auditioned. - Video interview with ISO Artist and 2007 "Shear Genius" Runner Up, Ben Mollin.

Ben shares ideals that have shaped his success in the hair industry.

War on

Ben is a guest artist with ISO, and recognized all over the world. He hosts and judges The Supreme Salon Tour "Hairwars." Ben is in demand for personal appearances, video projects and more. Featured in "50 Hairstylists," a book featuring the fifty most influential hairdressers in the country, Ben's passion and raw talent for his craft has turned him into one of the most exciting innovative hairdressers in the industry.



Creative Competitor

Angela Avorio Mollin has what it takes to compete against renowned hair industry icons. Her technique and creativity landed her a trip to Hollywood to challenge Joico’s top artistic director, Damien Carney in a “Head to Head” challenge. After producing a high-fashion look with texturized curl and massive volume, her signature technique, the “Avorio knot,” helped Angela take home the win.  

Watch Angelia Avorio's video submission in Joico's Head-to-Head Challenge! Her video had the most views, and she won a trip to Hollywood to compete against celebrity stylist Damien Carney in a hair showdown.

Watch challenger Angela Avorio go head-to-head against Joico International Artistic Director Damien Carney. Host Crystal Fambrini takes you through the contest first-hand, and goes in depth with both artists about their hairstyle choices and the steps taken to achieve each editorial look.